Gina Miller BLASTED after saying she is considering leaving the UK


The anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller has been blasted on social media after saying that she is considering leaving the United Kingdom because of fears of an ‘acid attack’ and other forms of assault.

We reported this yesterday, and at the same time we made it clear that we would never condone this type of attack on Ms Miller or anyone else for that matter.

Not only would it undermine the whole Brexit movement, but this sort of activity has no place in a civilised country such as the United Kingdom.

However, a number of people blasted Miller on social media for making these comments, while still making it clear that all ‘assaults’ on her should be purely verbal/written in nature in the form of reasonable political debate online or in person.

Here are some of the most thought-provoking comments from our page:

Keith is making the point that Gina Miller would perhaps be ‘crazy’ to leave the United Kingdom now that she has built up a platform for herself to express her views.

‘Freedom of speech’ is a key issue here. We sit here on Your Brexit and slam Gina Miller whenever she comes out with her latest ideas to try and frustrate the Brexit process, but at the end of the day both Miller, our page and everyone else has the right to criticism in a constructive manner.

Feisty and controversial debate is fine. Hate is not. Where is the line? That’s a whole debate in itself!

Steve seems to think that Miller leaving the UK would do Brexit more good than harm. Do you agree with him?

Tasha also hits the nail on the head here. Everyone should be free to express their legal and legitimate political views without fear of violence. Unfortunately, she has been getting hate mail that falls outside of the realms for ‘reasonable debate,’ but saying that we get a lot of crazy emails at Your Brexit as well!

Another good point from Denzil. Many people in the past have made the ultimate sacrifice fighting to ensure that we all have these freedoms to express our political views.

When people go too far and make threats of violence, credible or otherwise, it is a huge insult to those who laid down their lives just to give us the privilege 70 years or so down the line.