Gina Miller hilariously LOSES HER COOL during TV interview


Gina Miller, the businesswoman who was behind the Supreme Court case which forced Theresa May to seek parliamentary approval for triggering Article 50, unveiled a new campaign to fight against an “extreme Brexit” on Wednesday.

Donations have been pouring in from thousands of remain voters, including a sizeable donation from Virgin boss, Richard Branson.

Appearing on Channel 4, Ms Miller locked horns with Jonathan Isaby, the editor of the website Brexit Central, as he said the campaigner was still in denial about the results of the June referendum.

Mr Isaby said: “I’m afraid people like Gina are in denial of the result because actually the majority of Remain voters now think the Government should get on with Brexit.

“We do have democracy in this country and when you have a referendum there has to be an acceptance of the result.

“I think people would be far better focusing their energy on trying to make a success of Brexit, rather than trying to obstruct the result.”

Dismissing the claim, Ms Miller said: “I think you need to move on, I think it’s not about Remain or Leave anymore.

“You’re still talking about Remain and Leave and about billionaire businesswomen. What I am saying this is an opportunity for people to get engaged.”

“People were engaged at the referendum. We had a huge, huge turnout,” the Brexiteer cut in.

Mrs Miller mistakenly took the editor of the website Brexit Central for a Conservative MP, claiming the Prime Minster was the leader of his party.

Gina Miller is hated and loved by many across the country for her stance on Brexit, one thing is for certain though – she’ll do everything in her power to stop a so-called “Hard Brexit.”