Gina Miller SHOCKS Brexit voters with this her latest comments about the Brexit talks


Gina Miller just shocked millions of Brexit voters saying that the EU should ‘offer us more’ as the Brexit talks reach a deadlock.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Ms Miller said: “We have been very slow in asking for anything, and I think on the EU side they’re sticking to their guns because they have to defend the Union.

“They don’t want other members to follow us, and I actually think as time has gone on, different member states have seen how difficult it is for us to negotiate and they’ve come together in a stronger union.

“But, at the moment, I do think they could offer us more. I think they will, probably, offer us an extension, not a transition period.

“I think we need an extension to carry on these talks, they can’t just pull the plug.”

The UK is set to leave the EU in March 2019.

The government will then enter into a 2-year transitional period to avoid a shock to businesses and the UK economy.

Some critics have said such transitional period is not needed as a business would have had plenty of time to prepare for the UK leaving the EU since the referendum in June 2016.

WATCH: Gina Miller gets DESTROYED on Sky News for saying Britain should PAY BREXIT BILL

The anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller has been destroyed on Sky News by another guest after she suggested that Britain should ‘pay up’ and give in to the European Union when they decide to hammer the United Kingdom with a ridiculous Brexit divorce bill.

Straight away, the director of the Bruges Group Robert Oulds slammed Miller for being ‘wrong on a number of points’ and questioned whether or not she is acting on behalf of the interests of the British taxpayer or the European Union.

We would have to go for the latter here, as after all every penny that we would be sending to Brussels as part of this settlement would be coming out of our own pockets.

The video has already had almost 100,000 views on the Leave.EU Facebook page – mainly because Oulds is making a bloody good point here.

When 51.9% of the turnout went to the polls and voted to Leave, at the same time these same people were giving the British government a mandate to get the best possible Brexit deal.

We fail to see a correlation between sending billions and billions of pounds of additional cash to Brussels and the best possible Brexit deal!

However, it’s a shame that Ms Miller cannot understand this simple fact.

Then again, time and time again she has proved that she is ‘Brussels’ through and through, and it’s a shame that she continues to use her very high-profile platform to try and derail the Brexit process.

Let’s just hope that our negotiators see sense and push for the fact that a ‘fair settlement’ is approximately naff all.