Gina Miller SLAMMED by Brexiteers after being named UK’s most influential black person


We reported earlier today that the anti-Brexit legal campaigner Gina Miller has been named the most influential black person in the United Kingdom in a poll, and this has generated a predictably angry reaction from a number of people who believe that she only managed to ‘frustrate’ the process of Brexit.

The main bone of contention has been that the list is described as being about those who have ‘the ability to change lives and alter events,’ when many feel that she hasn’t achieved either of these in the grand scheme of things.

Here are some of the comments that have been made on the BBC’s coverage of the award:

As you will see from the plethora of comments left after this point was made, Richard’s point has struck a nerve. However, there is a lot of debate online about whether or not Ms Miller being a black woman has amplified the amount of bile that has been thrown her way from Brexiteers.

There is never an excuse for outright racial hatred, and we feel that the disgusting abuse that she received online simply diluted and detracted from the more justifiable remarks about her anti-democratic activities.

The whole point of hero worship is that the recipient has to be looked upon as having achieved something momentous. Frustrating the will of the people should never fall into this category.

While many will argue that her case was a victory for democracy, at the same time it has to be remembered that Article 50 was activated regardless with a large majority.

It could be said that her actions simply increased the divide in society between Leave and Remain voters – especially at a time when more and more Remain voters were just starting to get their heads around the fact that Brexit would happen regardless.

This is another controversial point, but to play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ it is worth exploring for a moment. Will there ever be racial equality with awards such as this if indeed the colour of somebody’s skin is thrust into the debate.

As we said earlier, in an ideal world Ms Miller would only be lambasted online for her anti-Brexit actions.

The same ‘should’ be said for the many failings of Diane Abbott. However, there will always be people who are egged on by Abbott’s own racially-motivated statements in the past.