‘GOOD NEWS!’ Farage joyous as latest Brexit legal challenge BLOCKED by High Court


Nigel Farage quickly tweeted “Good news” after judges scuppered the application by the two pro-single market campaigners.

The case was brought by Adrian Walland and Peter Wilding, who run the pro-single market group British Influence. 

They were trying to tie Britain to a ‘soft Brexit’ by keeping it in the EU single market. 

As we all know, there is no such thing as a soft Brexit! Brexit means leaving the EU, single market, customs union and high courts. Simple.

A government spokesperson said: ‘We are glad this attempt to seek a judicial review has been dismissed.’

‘As the Prime Minister has said, we will not be a member of the Single Market and we will be seeking a broad new partnership with the EU including a bold and ambitious free trade agreement.’

Mr Yalland, who voted to leave, said: ‘I have campaigned for parliamentary sovereignty and accountable government for 20 years, and now I want parliament to exercise its sovereignty by deciding if the UK should withdraw from the single market treaty.’

Does Mr Yalland understand what leaving the EU means? 

It means taking back control of our laws, immigration, finances and future. Staying in the single market keeps us in the EU through a back door.


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