Government urged to WALK AWAY from Brexit talks


A leading think tank has urged the government to WALK AWAY from Brexit talks in Brussels, insisting that it is the only way that the United Kingdom will get the best possible Brexit.

Think Scotland has compared the current situation to Irish independence talks that took place at the start of the 20th Century, pointing out that years of civil war and other tensions followed – tensions that still exist to a certain extent today.

According to a report in The Express, the group believes that a full withdrawal from Brexit talks will be the only way for our government to effectively ‘win’ in Brussels.

After mentioning historical factors leading to tensions in Ireland and Northern Ireland, they continued with:

“Fast forward to now and one can see there are several very obvious thorns in our feet that we need to examine before going further into agreeing an Anglo-European Treaty.

“They are each so serious they could not only cause the treaty to fail at the outset but lead to a split in Labour and certainly the Conservative Party.

“More so the Conservative Party for historic positions on the EU and for existential questions on global standing and the integrity of the UK – where the Tories have been seen as the more patriotic party and most committed to the British Union.”

They concluded by saying that the only solution is to walk away, with a simple agreement in place to continue existing trade agreements and other similar arrangements.

It remains to be seen whether or not this almost 100% no-deal Brexit would work, but it is an interesting thought at a time when the talks in Brussels are clearly leading to all kinds of arguments and in-fighting.

If there is any potential for the final deal to lead to increased tensions between political parties and society groups back in the United Kingdom, this is an option that needs to be explored.

After all, what sort of government wouldn’t consider an issue from all possible angles?