HANG THE TORIES banner complete with effigies exposes nasty left-wing of British politics


The MP Michael Fabricant shared an image yesterday an a banner that appeared in Manchester ahead of the Conservative party Conference saying ‘HANG THE TORIES,’ and it was complete with some effigies of Tory politicians being hung, nooses and all.

Everyone likes to bang on about how the Conservatives are the nasty people of politics (even the so-called ‘Nasty Party’), but what we are seeing more and more in modern politics is that elements of the left-wing are taking insults and threats to a whole new level.

Just a couple of days ago, Nigel Farage made a passionate mini-speech on LBC radio about how anti-fascists groups (you know, the good guys) were becoming more violent than the people that they are fighting against.

Now many people would have been confronted with this disgusting banner.

According to a report in The Sun:

A PROTEST banner reading ‘Hang the Tories’ attached to two effigies swinging underneath has been condemned by an outraged MP.

Michael Fabricant, the Conservative representative for Lichfield, shared an image of the protest display in Manchester as members of his party arrived for their annual conference.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “What a charming welcome to Manchester and the Conservative Party conference. These aren’t protesters, they’re fascists.”

He added: “And these people say they are ‘a Government in waiting’. Who will they hang next?”

The 67-year-old parliamentarian was referring to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at Labour Party conference earlier this week when he said they were ready to lead the country.

We’re sick and tired of people who shout and scream every time people like us state the obvious that these people are trying to ‘fight hate with more hate,’ but it is very difficult to argue when you see disgusting banners like this.


Taking a look around social media over the last 24 hours, there are many people with left-wing views who actually agree this this sort of outburst is doing their cause more harm than good.

One Remainer actually spoke some sense on this issue, saying that the banner ‘undermined everything that he had been fighting for’ since the referendum.

We hope that the police can identify those responsible and punish them to the fullest extent of the law!

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