Here is the anti-Richard Branson cartoon that is taking the Internet by storm – you have to see it


A cartoon is circulating on Facebook and other forms of social media that sums up exactly why everyone should boycott every company that is part of the Virgin empire.

If anyone recognises where it originally came from, please let us know and we will credit them accordingly.

In recent months, Richard Branson et al have demonstrated why the Virgin behemoth is actually the enemy of the British people, and this depiction sums it all up perfectly.

There are too many examples to list here, but first and foremost there was the legal case where Virgin Care were handed an ‘undisclosed’ sum of taxpayers’ NHS cash over a contract dispute.

For all of the ‘legal eagle’ to’ing and fro’ing, it has to be remembered that every penny that is diverted out of NHS coffers is money that could (and indeed SHOULD) be used for patient care.

After all, this is why the NHS was set up in the first place. Not to provide fat cat managers with exorbitant bonuses, not to provide bearded ‘heroes of industry’ with a nice little payday, but to actually treat you and me in our greatest times of need.

Moving on from this regrettable incident, and looking past the countless times that Branson’s face has appeared in the media with the latest reason why the evil juggernaut of Brexit needs to be stopped, we have the Daily Mail fiasco.

It’s not a ‘space issue’ or anything else of that nature, it is an admission that staff at Virgin Trains do not agree with the editorial stance of the Daily Mail.

It sells more than a million copies a day (no mean feat in an age where everything is ‘Facebook and Internet’), but it’s not something that they wish to stock on their train services.

It is an attempt to censor – plain and simple.

Frankly, we’re amazed than Branson hasn’t instructed his RMT-backed minions to physically patrol services for anyone who dares to bring a copy on board!

Surely it is only a matter of time before their ‘Conditions of Carriage’ are updated to include provision for any offenders to be ejected from services at 125 mph (perhaps that’s an optimistic speed estimate) somewhere between Crewe and Rugby.

Yes this is a right-wing blog, yes we have some strong and not always popular views, but the concept of simply blocking our opponents from having a voice does not sit easily with us over here.

It is the same flawed logic that applies to Stop Funding Hate and the like – pressurising companies to not advertise in papers like The Sun and The Daily May (who incidentally have A LOT to feel guilty about) sends out an incredibly dangerous message.

It gives the impression that free speech is anything but.

Disagree with a column in The Daily Mail? Don’t fucking buy it. Don’t fucking read it. Hell, even start a fucking petition and tell everyone that you don’t like it. But as soon as you start fighting ‘hate’ with ‘more hate’ and attempts to censor you might as well chuck the whole concept of an open press out of the fucking window.

Maybe free speech is only free for the entitled few.