Here’s what Jeremy Corbyn demands to happen when the Queen DIES


An interview with Mr Corbyn has been unearthed which reveals his true feelings about the Queen

The left-winger has said he believes it is “time to move on” and “call it a day” on the Royal family when the 91-year-old Queen completes her reign.

In an interview from 2001, which has just been unearthed, Mr Corbyn – who believes he will be Prime Minister within six months – said both he and fellow Labour colleagues were keen to see the monarchy abolished, meaning Prince Charles and his son, William, would never be King.

His controversial views, which aired on morning television, will come as no surprise to critics who branded him “disrespectful and disloyal” for his decision to stand silent at a memorial service to Britain’s war dead.

In the interview with GMTV, Mr Corbyn said: “I think it’s time that we just moved on and said, when the Queen completes her reign, wouldn’t that be an appropriate time to call it a day and have an elected Head of State.

“A large majority of Labour MPs would like to see a change in the attitude of the monarchy and the way the Royal Family operates.”

Jeremy Corbyn said republicans were a minority in the Parliamentary Labour Party, but predicted this would shift as “public opinion moves more in favour of a complete democracy”.

Mr Corbyn has been criticised in the past for not singing the national anthem.

The Labour leader also refused to bow his head down to the Queen and then winked to a colleague moments after his rebellious outcry.

The royal family do a hell of a lot for this country, they are the foundations upon which all else have been built on, we look on them for strength in our hour of need, now is not the time to abolish the royal family.

The amount of money the economy gains just from tourism alone is far more than the family costs us.

Not to mention the global influence and reach they achieve. Our monarchy is an asset and we should be proud, not “call it a day” like Corbyn suggests.

What do you think about his remarks?

Jeremy Corbyn DEMANDS Queen apologise for making offshore investments

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has demanded that the Queen apologises for her estate investing more in funds registered in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

£10 million of the Queens personal funds have been invested overseas.

When asked about the Queen’s offshore investments Mr Corbyn said: ‘Anyone that is putting money into tax havens in order to avoid taxation in Britain … should do two things: not just apologise for it, but also recognise what it does to our society.’

A spokesman for the Queen’s private estate, the Duchy of Lancaster, said: ‘We operate a number of investments and a few of these are with overseas funds. All of our investments are fully audited and legitimised. The Queen voluntarily pays tax on any income she receives from the duchy.’

Mr Corbyn also called for an investigation into the offshore investments, including those by the Queen.  ‘Everybody. The Royal Household are subject to taxation… these issues all must be part of that.’

A spokesman for the Labour leader also insisted he did not demand an apology from the Queen. ‘Jeremy did not call for the Queen to apologise but said anyone who puts money into a tax haven to avoid paying tax should, and that they should recognise the damage done by avoidance to society,’.

Do you think the Queen should apologise for her personal fortune being invested offshore?

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