Here’s the shocking anti-EU interview that Jeremy Corbyn DOES NOT want you to see


A video has emerged on Facebook that proves that the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t always been the ‘friend of the European Union’ that he tried to make out in his Brexit vision speech on Monday.

It was taken at the time of the 1996 Labour Party conference, and Corbyn tells the BBC interviewer Kirsty Wark that he has a number of reservations about the whole European project.

This includes fears over the impact that the single currency would have on public spending, the fact that the EU isn’t accountable, and also the whole principle that the European Union is somehow democratic.

This all seems a world away from the Jeremy Corbyn who feels that a Labour-led Brexit should embrace both the Customs Union and the Single Market to a certain extent, and God knows what else within the failing bloc.

The really crazy thing is that this is the Jeremy Corbyn that the Leave-voting Labour masses would love to have seen during Monday’s speech.

Remember when Nigel Farage said that Brexit was only made possible by ‘the old Labour vote in the Midlands and the North?’

This is exactly the sort of thing that he was referring to.

Brexit is very much a cross-party issue, and Monday’s speech was Jeremy’s chance to ‘win them back.’

Nigel Farage DESTROYS Jeremy Corbyn over Brexit betrayal, and it’s STUNNING to watch

The ex-leader of UKIP Nigel Farage has launched a stunning attack on the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn after he made a speech about Labour’s plans for Brexit.

Actually we say ‘plans,’ but the Corbyn masterclass in surrender was actually a complete betrayal of the millions of Labour supporters who voted Leave and did so with a hard Brexit in mind!

Remember when Nigel made that historic speech on the morning of the referendum result and said that it as swung by ‘the old Labour vote in the Midlands and the North?’

This was Jezza’s big chance to win the hearts and minds of these voters, and he blew it – big time!

The Brexit that Corbyn has in mind is basically so far up the backside of the EU that he might as well be Juncker’s gumshield, and by tearing up Labour’s previous Brexit ideas everyone has seen through his pathetic attempt to position Labour as ‘a government in waiting’ by appealing to those who somehow want to stop Brexit.

Nigel Farage was one of those who decided to call Corbyn out on this shambles, and he did so live on the BBC earlier today.

According to a report in The Express:

Ukip MEP Mr Farage suggested those who voted for Brexit and supported Labour in the 2017 general election had been let down.

Speaking on BBC’s Daily Politics, Mr Farage branded the move as a “complete sellout” from the Labour Party.

The Brexiteer also claimed it could lead to Labour in a few months time supported the prospect of remaining in “a single market.”

He said: “It’s the first step of a quite easy to see, a complete Labour sellout on the issue.

“It’s perfectly clear. The nonsense about trade. Government’s don’t negotiate trade deals. The European Commission negotiate trade deals.

“If you are part of a customs union, you will not be involved in that.

“What Barnier will say is, ‘well thank you very much, that’s great, we are really very happy with this. But you now need to go further on the single market’.

“So the next big Labour speech on this a few months down the road will be that we will be inextricably linked to ‘a single market’.

“The biggest clue of the lot was yesterday, on The BBC when Keir Starmer said we would need to have a new treaty. So we get rid of the current treaty, we get a new treaty, and Labour voters are going to start to ask – Are we really leaving?”

We shouldn’t be too negative about this – it’s incredibly satisfying to see Corbyn basically push himself even further from Number 10 than ever before.

Britain voted to Leave, and Leave HARD, with a majority of more than a MILLION people.

If I were advising Corbyn on strategy, I would be telling him to embrace this, but instead he has decided to take a huge gamble.

A gamble that we don’t think will pay off.

If you think that the Tories are making a mess of Brexit, a Labour Brexit would be a shite sight worse …