Here’s what Farage had to say about Theresa May’s DISGRACEFUL €60BN Brexit betrayal


The ex-leader of UKIP Nigel Farage has slammed Theresa May’s €60 BILLION Brexit Bill offer to Brussels to get trade talks underway.

When he appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning, it was clear that Nigel was standing up for the millions of people in the country who strongly believe that as a nation we don’t owe the EU a single penny more.

He even went as far as saying that it is a SELLOUT of our national interests!

He is bang on the money as usual, although perhaps that is a poor choice of words at the moment.

He also followed it up with a tweet, saying that Christmas has come early for the EU!

It bloody well has. Only in their wildest dreams could they have ever imagined that our so-called ‘Iron Lady’ Theresa May would capitulate so easy and write a massive fat cheque to Juncker, Tusk, Barnier and chums.

The people of Britain are being sold down the river, and a lot of people agree.

We agree with this. Nigel and Jacob Rees-Mogg seem to be the only people in the political arena who are prepared to speak out against this constant ‘bending over backwards’ to get a deal done. There doesn’t need to be a deal when the terms are as shocking as this.

This is a very good point because there are millions of livelihoods at stake here. No ifs, no buts, this isn’t a simple boardroom negotiation about a faceless corporation – this is Britain!

Theresa May has no credibility left as far as we are concerned, and this vastly inflated offer to Brussels has to be the last straw.

‘Funny isn’t it?’ Nigel warned everyone a long time ago that when push came to shove, our ‘representatives’ would just cave in – now it has actually happened!

We are hearing rumours along these lines as well. Heaven knows how much we will finally get stung for.

BREAKING: It has now been confirmed that government WILL PAY €60 BILLION BREXIT BILL

In the latest twist of the Brexit Divorce Bill saga, it has now been confirmed that the United Kingdom’s government will pay a financial settlement of more than €60 billion Euros.

Let’s just put that into perspective – that is a total of more than £1000 for every single citizen of the United Kingdom.

According to a report in The Telegraph:

British and EU negotiators have reached a deal over the so-called Brexit bill, opening the door to a potential breakthrough in the talks this December, the Telegraph has learned.

Sources on both sides confirmed that an agreement-in-principle has now been reached over the EU’s demand for a €60bn financial settlement ahead of a crucial lunch meeting next Monday between Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president.

Two sources confirmed that the terms were agreed at a meeting in Brussels late last week after intense back-channel discussions led by Oliver Robbins, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator.

How the hell can anyone call this a negotiation?

It just smacks of blackmail, plain and simple.

The Brussels bigwigs have said time and time again that talks cannot progress onto the next stage until the financial settlement is arranged, and our own team has made a number of reduced offers that seem to have been in vain.

Remember Theresa’s reduced offer of €20 billion?

With so many knowledgable figures proclaiming that we don’t owe them a single penny, it is actually painful and humiliating to see our own government caving in like this.

We are talking about an astronomical sum of money that would be better spent elsewhere.