Here’s why Orban’s victory will be a DISASTER for the EU and Soros


Viktor Orban has swept back into power in Hungary, and his whole campaign was based on a right-wing, anti-immigration platform – this is why the EU is now terrified about this potentially ‘rogue’ member state.

To make matters worse, Orban has now come out and said that he intends to push forward with policies that are aggressive towards both the Brussels bureaucrats and immigration in general.

According to a report in The Express:

IN A MAJOR blow to the EU, newly re-elected Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has vowed to continue his anti-immigration stance and to strengthen his sovereign policies.

The eurosceptic politician said he envisages a relationship with the EU in which Hungary is part of a union of nations, rather than part of a “United States of Europe”.

Mr Obran commented on his landslide re-election, saying: “The Hungarian voters have designated the most important topics: immigration and the topic of national security.

“Hungarians have decided they want to be the only ones who will decide who can live in Hungary.”

Far from stepping back from his campaign rhetoric which was fought on an anti-immigration platform, Mr Orban said his re-election had provided him with a “strong mandate” to introduce a raft of changes in the Hungarian parliament.

Whilst not providing precise details on these changes, Mr Orban said it would include “in a large part with new people and a new structures.”

He also noted the changes would involve redefining Hungary’s relationship with the European Union, and ensuring the ongoing sovereignty of the country’s powers.

The Prime Minister said: “The election, in my view, also … decided that the Hungarian government must stand up for a Europe of nations and not for a ‘United States of Europe’.”

Orban has also stated that he intends to push forward with a so-called ‘Stop Soros Bill’ – measures designed to reduce the influence of the billionaire anti-Brexit businessman and financier George Soros.

Basically, as far as Brexiteers are concerned, Orban’s victory is very much win-win!