Here’s why the British government must prepare for a NO DEAL BREXIT


After we reported that the senior Conservative politician Iain Duncan-Smith announced that the British government must be prepared for a scenario where we walk away from the European Union without a deal in place, one of our readers has been in touch to make it clear that every single government department needs to be ready for this ‘no fee, no regrets’ outcome.

Nick’s email discusses some points made by the former-UKIP MP Douglas Carswell, and while this politician isn’t popular with many die-hard Brexit fans due to his ‘defection,’ he has made some interesting points.

It is probably worth remembering that Carswell is still a Eurosceptic voice on the matter, no matter what colour tie he may be wearing.

Thank you for the article by IDS saying the government must call the EU negotiator’s bluff.

Douglas Carswell, like him or not, said the following just after the Florence speech, that every government department must make a Herculean effort to prepare for a possible “Walk-away” but he added, that he feared they were not.

Not only the most obvious either.

In my honest opinion, the Navy, Coastguards, Civil Defence, Army, Border Control, Customs, Air Force, Police and possibly others need to be beefed up with extra resources to prepare for the worst case scenario. 

Imagine if we walk away and France blockades her ports and their Air Traffic controllers go on strike!

ECB not co-operating with currencies. Supermarkets needing contingency plans to import more stuff from Australia, NZ, South America and businesses needing to wise up.

I strongly advocate Waking away in April 2018 so that at least we will have the “feel good” factor of Summer, tourists flying in from USA, home grown produce as it could take 6 months to smooth out.

If the Remoaners get too vociferous, we just go and watch a cricket match or go to the beach!

We need to brainstorm this. As Douglas Carswell said, I fear the government are not!

Sincerely, Nick


We liked his point about the possibility of there being strikes in France over the whole issue of walking away without a deal.

After all, it has been pointed out on a number of occasions in the past that a ‘no deal Brexit’ would cause a number of problems for those countries who are left behind in the European Union, and we all know that the French love a good strike every now and then.

Having so many employees across a number of French sectors throw a huge ‘moody’ over this would be humorous to watch – mainly because it would be more about showing anger towards the EU’s top brass for not showing a more considerate tone towards the United Kingdom towards the Brexit negotiations.

That would be the main cause for the United Kingdom walking away in the first place, because when push comes to shove a country needs to act in its own best interests above all other factors.

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