Here’s why Theresa May’s relationship with Remoaner Chancellor Philip Hammond is FALLING APART


A report has appeared in The Express that makes very interesting reading – it suggests that the Prime Minister Theresa May and her Remoaner Chancellor of the Exchequer are now ‘unable’ to have a face-to-face conversation.

It says that Mrs May cannot bear to be alone with the Brexit saboteur Hammond, and apparently Downing Street aides need to be present whenever the two of them have business to discuss.

This is obviously excellent news as it is the strongest sign yet that Hammond could be on his way out of the Cabinet, and hopefully he will take all of his ‘transitional period’ suggestions with him!

The report in The Express says:

The source said: “Theresa and Philip can’t bear to be alone together in a room.

“They don’t talk as much as they should, and they are too buttoned up with each other when they do.”

The cabinet source also told The Sun: “That’s what happens when you get two unemotional introverts at the top of the tree. It’s getting quite dysfunctional again.”

The Prime Minister stood against her Chancellor after he failed to assure the British public that the country would be prepared in the event of a no deal scenario.

Mrs May told MPs on Wednesday that she will put aside an anxiety relieving £250million in Mr Hammond’s new budget on November 22 to protect the public from meddling Eurocrats.

Even if you ignore the fact that Leave.EU have managed to raise awareness of Hammond’s track record on Brexit with their deselection campaign, there is a growing wave of support for Mrs May booting Hammond out of his role.

The time has now come for all top-ranking members of the government to be working together towards the best possible Brexit deal, and yet we have Hammond trying to throw a spanner in the works whenever he can.

We hope that this ‘icy’ relationship proves to be unworkable.