Here’s why WALKING AWAY from Brussels could actually save our proud fishing industry


According to media reports, an EU plot has been hatched that could destroy our proud fishing industry during any sort of so-called transitional period by effectively STEALING fish.

Therefore, it is now clear that the only way to protect our hard working men and women at sea is to simply WALK AWAY from Brussels talks.

It’s bad enough that we have sat and watched our fishing industry destroyed during our time in the European Union, with the ‘world and its friend’ being invited into British fishing waters for a legalised ‘smash and grab.’

However, if this latest transition period plan is put into action, it could force even more fishing companies out of business.

According to a report in The Express:

THE EU is plotting to scupper Britain’s fishing fleet during the proposed transitional Brexit period and the UK will be powerless to stop it, an explosive dossier has revealed.

According to a leaked four-page dossier, the Brussels bloc will use this to “consult” the UK on fishing opportunities in that period which experts believe will leave Britain defenceless to stop the EU “culling” fishing fleets.

Alan Hastings from the campaign group Fishing For Leave said: “Having no veto means the transition will present an existential threat to what is left of the British fishing industry and coastal communities.

“The EU will have little charity as the UK will be locked into legal purgatory where the EU could cull the UK fleet and claim ‘surplus’ fish the UK no longer has the capacity to catch.

“The government and MPs must refuse the transition terms or they will consign another British industry to museum and memory.

“That Theresa May has known this all along means she, and her Remain-minded officials, are fully complicit in the embryonic stages of a second betrayal and sell-out of Britain’s fishing industry.”

Yet again, we find ourselves staring at a situation where the European Union is willing to play ‘hardball’ when it comes to negotiating a Brexit deal, and it goes beyond simply ensuring that the remaining 27 nation states get a good idea.

This is about PUNISHING Britain for wanting to leave the failing bloc, plain and simple.

Yet again, we only have one real solution to rise up and fight against this attempt to wreck the livelihoods of honest British workers, and it seems that our own government is too weak-willed to even mention it in Brussels.

When will our negotiators make the point that WALKING AWAY from talks is a viable and perhaps even likely option?

When will our negotiators sit at the table, stare their EU counterparts in the face, and say that ‘enough is enough?’

When will those who represent British interests tell Michel Barnier that our nation has the right to fight these measures with one supreme attack that will leave a gargantuan hole in the EU’s budget?

The truly depressing thing here is that our representatives are showing absolutely no sign of ‘growing a pair’ and pointing this out, and this is why a recent petition for ‘walking away’ received more than 100,000 signatures.

Fat lot of bloody good it did as well!