HERO Police Officer describes fighting London Bridge attackers with a BATON

EMBARGOED TO 1700 WEDNESDAY JUNE 28 British Transport Police's Wayne Marques who fought off London Bridge attackers speaks to the media for the first time. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday June 28, 2017. See PA story POLICE Bridge. Photo credit should read: John Stillwell/PA Wire

PC Marques describes how he attacked the 3 terrorists armed which just a baton

PC Marques just began his night shift when he heard screams.

His first thought was that there was a fight or maybe a gang fight, but it soon became apparent that it was much worse.

PC Marques said: “I don’t remember everything that happened that night. Part of my memory is still in patches.

“I remember being on patrol. Me and my colleague were on London Bridge Street.

“I heard a female’s scream. It was definitely a woman’s scream. I heard one scream that sort of echoed and made its way up London Bridge Street, on my left hand side.

“So I looked down the street and I couldn’t see who was screaming.

“But what did attract my attention is that there is a little restaurant that becomes a club and a restaurant at weekends, called Tito’s.

“I remember the bouncers and the people in the queue, the people having a cigarette.

“Every single one of them, they were like statues.”

PC Marques continued: “I remember grabbing my baton with my right hand and I racked (extended) it.

“I took a deep breath and I just charged the first one (attacker).

“As I got near him I swung at him with everything I had as hard as I could, straight through his head, trying to go for like a knock-out blow.”

He heard the attacker “yelp in pain”.

PC Marques was then stabbed just above his right eye which resulted in him losing his sight.

Discussing that horrific injury, PC Marques said: “He’d hit me so hard that my right eye went lights out straight away. I just went blind.”

He believes the fight, in which he was set upon by all three attackers, lasted for up to 90 seconds.

“The second one and the third one, I was basically fighting left to right,” he said, “because I only had one eye so I’m moving left to right, left to right.”

At that stage the first attacker stabbed him in the leg.

“I’m thinking, ‘S***, there’s a knife in my leg while I’m fighting the second one and the third one,”‘ he said.

After he’d been stabbed in the hand he remembered little except “swinging (my baton) all over the place”.

All I can say is bravo to this man. He acted with unparalleled bravery and saved lives through his actions.