Hilarious moment Pro-Brexit lord gives Dimbleby £10 to show analogy for farce of EU funding to UK


Mr Forsyth gave the Question Time host a £10 note in an attempt to explain to the audience how the EU’s funding from the UK is unfair.

Baron Forsyth of Drumlean said: “£350million a week is our gross contribution to the EU.”

Turning to David Dimbleby, he said: “If I give you £10…”

Mr Dimbelby then happily took the cash.

Mr Forsyth added: “Now you give me £20″

Mr Dimbleby replied: “Certainly not.”

Mm Forsyth continued with his analogy: “And by the way, I am going to tell you how to spend that £10 – that is the deal we have with the European Union.”

This is a brilliant way to portray how the EU takes our money via membership fees, gives us some back and then tells us how to spend it!

Worst of all, many infrastructure projects in the UK promote the EU through signs explaining how this project wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for ‘EU funding’ but in reality, it’s just British taxpayers money repackaged.

REVEALED: How Brussels uses YOUR cash to fund people smugglers in £260 MILLION scheme

A BBC Panorama special will broadcast tonight revealing how the EU is using your money to fund people smugglers in Africa

The money is being distributed in Niger in a scheme designed to encourage former criminals running smuggling networks through Libya to divert their efforts into lawful enterprises.

The scheme is part of a £260million scheme in the Western African nation to reduce the numbers of migrants heading to Europe.

You cannot make this stuff up, the EU is literally handing out money to warlords and people smugglers in an attempt to stop them.

Details of the Brussels spending, which British taxpayers contribute to as part of the UK’s EU membership fee, have been uncovered by an investigation by the BBC Panorama programme. The findings will be broadcast on BBC One this evening.

Each person would receive £5,000 if they change they leave their illegal profession.

However, there’s barely any vetting during this process.

I can’t believe how stupid the EU is, if you hand £5,000 to people smugglers, of course, they are going to take that money and find different ways to smuggle people.

The programme – Panorama: Africa’s Billion Pound Migrant Trail – will be broadcast on BBC One this evening.

What do you think of this?

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