Hopkins just sent a powerful message to Angela Merkel over migrant CRISIS


Former LBC presnter, Katie Hopkins, slammed Mrs Merkel for her migrant policy on Twitter.

Germany’s open door migrant policy is starting to backfire as tens of thousands of migrants refuse to return to their motherland.

Sexual assaults in Germany have sky rocked since the vast increase of migrants in the country.

Angela Merkel is now attempting to bribe migrants to leave Germany.

Hopkins tweeted:

“Finally acknowledging no go zones, Merkel now taking taxpayers cash to bribe migrant thugs to bugger off home. You failed Fräulein. Germany needs

Twitter users came out in mass support, saying:

You would suspect that the leader of Germany would have enough brain power to think ahead and address any potential problems that may arise with a sudden 1 million migrant increase…you’d be mistaken.

Katie Hopkins mocks ‘World’s s***test suicide bomber’ with this brilliant tweet

Katie Hopkins is known for not holding back and we are pleased to report that her latest tweet is no exception.

The TV personality and journalist mocked the “Worlds s***test suicide bomber” who attempted to blow himself up yesterday in New York, but failed, injuring only himself.

The man in question has been charged with terrorism offences.

It’s been reported that he disliked the Christmas posters in New York which became an aspect of his motivation to carry out the attack.

Mrs Hopkins tweeted.


She said: “And the award for the world’s shittest suicide pipe bomber goes to – this cockwomble. Blew his gonads off and didn’t even get to paradise.”

Twitter users were fast to react.


What do you think of this failed bomber?