HORROR as 390,000 Asylum seekers allowed to bring their families from March next year


From March 2018, 390,000 Syrian asylum seekers who have sought refuge in Germany will be allowed to bring their families into the country.

Germany is set to receive another massive wave of migration from middle eastern countries next year when hundreds of thousands of visas will allow current Asylum seekers extended family to visit.

Wesmonster reported:

“The figures, obtained by German newspaper Bild, says that from January 2015 to June 2017, 230,000 Family Reunion Visas were approved, the bulk of which went to Syrians and Iraqis.

Authorities fear they haven’t even reached the peak of reunion applications yet, the leaked document, seen by Bild reveals that there has been a “flood of applications for Family Reunion Visas” from migrants which have just been granted asylum themselves.

A poll conducted by the newspaper suggests that 58.3% are against asylum seekers having a legal right to bring their families over.

In Italy, a fight recently broke out in the Italian Senate over a controversial law which would allow children who were given citizenship being able to bring over their families, leading critics to claim that it would make it harder to expel terror suspects from the country if they had “legal footing” in the country.”

Angela Merkel made an almighty mistake saying that German would let in as many as she could.

Europe may never recover thanks to her pathetic policies.

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