HUGE APPLAUSE as Labour party is DESTROYED on BBC’s Question Time


THREE Question Time audience members delivered withering attacks on the struggling Labour party as Jeremy Corbyn’s position as leader looks increasingly untenable.

In a discussion about holding the Government to account over its Brexit plans, the Labour party received a string of vicious comments from members of the Carlisle audience – including one woman who admitted to be a member.

She slammed Len McCluskie’s claim that Corbyn isn’t ruled by his ego, and said: “Essentially the Labour party has turned into a cult of personality and it’s an absolute disgrace.

“It’s all very well standing by policies such as wanting to support our NHS but if you’re never going to get elected, it’s completely pointless.

“I’m a paid-up Labour party member and it’s an absolute disgrace to see the state of Labour at the moment.”

Her comments were applauded by others in the audience, before another man stepped in to add his own withering putdown on the struggling party.

He said: “The Labour party is a total disgrace – it’s not doing the job it’s being paid for, nor is Jeremy Corbyn.”

Another woman even asked whether it was “time that David Miliband came back”, which would mark a shocking turn of events for the party.

While she said she didn’t personally want to see that, but when host David Dimbleby asked whether she’d welcome Miliband’s return or whether it would destroy Labour, she quickly remarked: “I think they’re doing a good enough job of destroying themselves at the moment”.

During the panelists’ discussion, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson compared Corbyn’s dismal record as Labour leader to that of his predecessor, Ed Miliband, which she said was the result of a “lack of leadership”.

She added: “You might think, as a Tory, that I would love this, but actually I don’t because yes I am a Tory, but I’m also a democrat.

“I think that the Labour party is not only a disservice to itself by keeping Jeremy Corbyn in place, but it’s a disservice to our democracy and our country because our democracy relies upon the idea that should a Government fall there is a Government in waiting ready to go.

“It relies upon that tension between Government and opposition to make sure that we walk a line.

She turned to fellow panelist Lisa Nandy, the Labour MP for Wigan, and told her: “For God’s sake love, do something about it and get in there – and if it’s not going to be you, back someone else because this country needs a new Labour party leader.”

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