Huge outpouring of support for HERO Sir Michael Caine after he attacks Juncker and the EU


There has been a huge outpouring of support for the British actor Sir Michael Caine after he made a number of remarks attacking the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the rest of the European Union elite.

In particular, it seems that many Leave voters appreciate his comment about mistaking Juncker’s native Luxembourg for a radio station instead of a country, and before anyone can accuse him of being xenophobic it is clear the Caine was simply being flippant and standing up for the people of the United Kingdom.

As he quite rightly pointed out, Luxembourg isn’t exactly a global superpower, and yet here were have one of its highest-ranking politicians in a position of European power where he has an unacceptable level of control over the affairs of the United Kingdom.

Not to mention the fact that Juncker has always had a blatantly negative attitude towards us, regardless of the act of voting to Leave the EU.

Here are some of the best responses to coverage of Caine’s Juncker comments.

We like the concept of the general public considering Sir Michael to be an ‘ambassador’ for the comments that he made. Forget about being one on a political level – she is talking about the actor being more ambassadorial in terms of representing a common opinion.

As far as we are concerned, there is no greater measure of being a ‘man of the people.’

That’s a great headline right there. Who else is imagining Juncker having a few sherries, flicking the TV over to a screening of The Italian Job and thinking that it must be some sort of breaking news report?

We imagine that having Sir Michael on the official government Brexit negotiation team would increase the possibility of there being a no-deal Brexit, and we aren’t saying that this would necessarily be a bad thing!

With so many knighthoods being handed out to people who have showed themselves up to actually be an enemy of the British people (cough, Nick Clegg, cough), at least there is one knight of the realm that we can actually be proud of.

Having said this, surely the case for a Nigel Farage knighthood is also strengthened as hew was so actively involved in the campaign to get people to vote Leave in the first place.

Actually speaking your mind in modern Britain is an incredibly risky business, but thankfully Sir Michael is probably at the stage of his career where not a single sh*t is given anymore.

Perhaps this is why so many younger leftie luvvies are so afraid to speak the truth and pander to the liberal elites.

It’s a nice thought that Jean-Claude could actually be reading these comments from Sir Michael and thinking to himself that he has been a fool in his attitude towards Brexit Britain.