Praise for Labour’s Dennis Skinner after he DEFIES CORBYN and votes for EU Withdrawal Bill


There has been a huge amount of praise for the MP Dennis Skinner after he dramatically decide to defy Labour Party orders and vote in favour of the ruling Conservative Party’s EU Withdrawal Bill in a House of Commons vote on Monday.

He took this decision along with a handful of other Labour MPs who also decided that Jeremy Corbyn’s betrayal of Brexit was an embarrassing flip-flop / U-turn.

We wouldn’t normally agree with the firebrand politics of Mr Skinner, but on this occasion we can only stand back and applaud his strength of conviction.

As you are probably already aware, the bill was passed with an overall majority, and as an added bonus this minor rebellion amongst the Labour faithful will just create yet another headache for the opposition.

The popular Facebook page The Rise Of UKIP posted:

A moment’s appreciation for Dennis Skinner.

While we don’t align with him politically we always enjoy a politician with the courage of his convictions and the backbone to go against his or her party.

If only Jeremy Corbyn had the backbone to stand up for what he really believes in.

This opened the floodgates for a barrage of praise for Skinner, including:

Dennis did what his constituency voted for in the vote to leave the EU ok he may not liked having to vote with Conservatives but at least he did what his constituency voters voted for.

I admire him for that.

Another user wrote:

Credit where credit is due. I don’t agree with him (nearly) all the time but here, as always, he has been honest.

A rare commodity. And all credit to Kate Hoey as well.


This is a very good point! This is about more than party politics now – this is about respecting the wishes of the people that you represent as an MP.

How on earth can anyone who represent’s a Leave voting area do anything that could frustrate and obstruct the process?

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