Immigration into Britain falling dramatically due to Brexit ONS reveals


Immigration figures provided by the Office of National Statistics has revealed that migration to the UK has dropped substantially.

Office for National Statistics for April to June showed net immigration from the EU was only 9,000.

Far lower than before the Brexit vote.

39,000 people came to the UK to live for more than a year from the other 27 EU member states, another 30,000 were recorded as leaving.

This contributed to net immigration to the UK from the rest of the world in the year to June falling to 230,000, a drop of 100,000.

ONS head of migration statistics Nicola White said: “These changes suggest that Brexit is likely to be a factor in people’s decision to move to or from the UK.

“But decisions to migrate are complex and other factors are also going to be influencing the figures.

“The decline follows historically high levels of immigration and it is too early to say whether this represents a long-term trend.”

This is great news!

For more than a decade the UK has been the victim of mass immigration. I am more than happy to see the figures start to decrease.

WATCH: Rees-Mogg DEMANDS mass immigration to end after Brexit moments after May’s Brexit speech

Jacob Rees-Mogg has hit out at the Prime Minister for not stopping uncontrolled immigration after Brexit.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight, the MP for North East Somerset said it would be a “challenge” for home Secretary Amber Rudd.

He said: “I have three concerns about the speech. The first is free movement, which ought to end at the end of March 2019.

“I think it’s a question about the Home Office’s competence actually because it hasn’t done very well in dealing with illegal immigrants so far.

“The question for the Home Office is ‘can it be ready in time to do the job properly’ and I think it ought to be and I think that’s a challenge for the Home Secretary.”

He said: “The other area I am concerned about is that we should be promising money before we know the other side of the deal.

“They want money. We want trade. And for us to be guaranteed money, which the speech practically does so early on, concerns me considerably.”

We should have Jacob Rees-Mogg on the Brexit negotiating table.

There’s no way he would allow for any backsliding!

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