Ireland ‘closer than ever’ to LEAVING the European Union


A former diplomat has sensationally claimed that the Republic of Ireland is closer to leaving the European Union than ever before, saying at the same time that the Brexit process has made many Irish people ‘wake up to the joys of leaving the EU.’

Ray Bassett is the former Irish ambassador to Canada, Jamaica and the Bahamas, and made these claims in a report in The Express.

He said: “Public opinion is changing. I don’t know how radically, but it’s changing.”

“People are only beginning to wake up an get interested.”

“A lot of the polls are, you know, they know how to set the next answer with the question.”

“If you say to somebody if they’re pro-Europe they say ‘absolutely’, but if you ask about policies they are against them.”

“People are not as culturally tuned into the EU as our politicians would love it to be. There’s more Irish in Toronto than in Germany and France put together!”

How sweet would it be for such a close friend and neighbour to follow us out of the European Union?

His ‘culturally tuned’ comment destroys the EU-luvvies notion that we are all somehow one giant continent with a single cultural identity. Utter cobblers from Brussels!

This is why the prospect of an EU-free future appeals to so many people.

Why can’t we all exist as individual nations trading together in an era of close co-operation and friendship?

First Brexit, then maybe Irexit too – who knows how many of these terms could be invented in the decades to come?