Jacob Rees-Mogg blasts Barnier for demanding UK take new EU law


Tory backbencher, Jacob Rees-Mogg has slammed Michel Barnier for ‘bullying’ the UK as he demands that she accepts new EU law while part of the transitional period.

Mr Rees–Mogg said: “The terms laid down today in the transition deal are very bullying from the European Union, they are very harsh terms.

“They would require us to continue to allow freedom of movement of people even though we’ve have left.

“The single market cannot be a la carte.”

”We would take for the first time since 1066 laws imposed on us by a foreign power without having any say over it ourselves.

“Now, that may be acceptable if we had a clear idea of what the end point is and had any idea what was coming afterwards.”

The EU said yesterday that it was willing to allow the UK to be in a transitional period up to the end of 2020 while having ‘no institutional representative’.

Mr Rees–Mogg said: “There may be bits of the end state that I don’t like, there may be bits of the end state that Mrs Morgan doesn’t like but what we need to know is where they aim to get.

“Then we can have a proper discussion rather than the Chancellor saying one thing and the collective Cabinet view being another.”

It’s time to let Jacob Rees-Mogg step up and steer Britain towards Brexit

Enough is enough. It’s time for David Davis, Theresa May and anyone else who is hell-bent on a soft Brexit and a transition period to step aside and let Jacob Rees-Mogg head up a new team that will steer the United Kingdom towards a total and HARD BREXIT. 

We have suspected for a while that negotiations were reaching a worrying point, and now within the last week we have seen David Davis admit that until at least 2021, we will actually remain in the European Union in all but name.

For at least TWO YEARS after the date of Brexit in March 2019, British taxpayers will still be paying in to the corrupt club, we will have to abide by EU bureaucracy, the European Courts Of Human Rights will still reign supreme in the UK and EU migration into Britain will remain unlimited.

What planet are our leaders living on?

Jacob Rees-Mogg has become one of the hottest personalities in the Conservative Party by constantly speaking out against this lunacy, and in a recent Select Committee on Brexit negotiations he took the opportunity to tell David Davis to his face that the whole process has been nothing short of a shambles.

When you see how Davis squirmed in his seat and shuffled like a little boy getting a ticking off in maths class, it becomes clear that he is out of his depth.

JRM would make an excellent Conservative leader, and therefore Prime Minister, because he believes in his country’s ability to go it alone.

While those in a real position of being able to influence Brexit have their heads in the sand, Mogg knows exactly why Brussels fears us ‘walking away.’

He is aware that Britain has everything in place to thrive outside of the EU, and he also knows that ‘no deal’ will hit the remaining member states hard in the pocket.

Therefore, why the hell doesn’t our current leadership leverage this point to make Brussels play ball?

We need Jacob Rees-Mogg in control before this government becomes unelectable, because the Corbyn-led alternative will see Brexit reduced to ‘think tanks and the back burner’ faster than you can say Chuka Umunna.