Jacob Rees-Mogg BLASTS BRUSSELS and says UK cannot become a COLONY of the EU


When it comes to providing informative soundbites that confirm exactly why the United Kingdom was right to vote for Brexit in June 2016, nobody can be relied upon more than the Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, and some recent comments on Newsnight have already resonated with millions of people.

As far as JRM is concerned, it is simply unacceptable for the United Kingdom to somehow become a COLONY of the European Union, and it would be well worth watching the clip in light of the fact that there are now mutterings of a second EU referendum.

The premise of these remarks is that at a time when the people of the United Kingdom have sent a resounding ‘NO’ in the direction of Brussels, there are still a worrying number of EU politicians (unelected and otherwise) who seem to think that ‘MORE EUROPE’ is the order of the day.

Just a short time ago, EU bigwig Martin Schulz made some scandalous remarks on Twitter about countries that resisted a new wave of EU federalism being ‘kicked out:’

I want a new constitutional treaty to establish the United States of Europe. A Europe that is no threat to its member states, but a beneficial addition.

A convention shall draft this treaty in close cooperation with the civil society and the people. Its results will then be submitted to all member states. Any state that won’t ratify this treaty will automatically leave the EU.

Unless his Twitter account was hacked somehow, these are worrying sentiments. The fact that the Tweets are still visible show that these comments were 100% genuine.

This is also the reason why other EU citizens now feel empowered to take a stand and call out the Brussels elite whenever this sort of craziness emanates from the corridors of power – Brexit made it 100% clear that nobody should be afraid to take on the beast.

Going back to what Rees-Mogg mentioned in the video clip, becoming a ‘colony’ of the European Union is EXACTLY what would happen if these nightmare-like United States of Europe plans ever became a reality.

Who in their right mind thinks that ‘more Europe’ is a viable option when so many people across the bloc are calling for not only a withdrawal of their country from the EU, but also reform of the whole setup.

It is the latter group of people that the EU now needs to fear the most.

It needs to be made perfectly clear that a United States of Europe is the not the sort of ‘reform’ of the European Union that people are crying out for.

On the whole, the EU taxpayers are demanding a more transparent and accountable organisation, where a sense of community can be obtained without having to submit to the will of unelected bureaucrats.

In many ways, I am privileged to live in a country that has expressed a desire to leave completely, but at the same time I feel for those who hold similar views elsewhere who haven’t been given the direct opportunity to say ‘no more of this.’