Jacob Rees-Mogg BLASTS May over her weak Brexit policy ‘Red Lines look PINK’


Jacob Rees-Mogg put the Prime Minister on the spot today during PMQs as he grilled her on the now ‘pink’ Bexit policy.

Mrs May’s week has just gone from bad to worse.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Before my Right Honourable Friend next goes Brussels, will she apply a new coat of paint to her red lines because I fear on Monday they were beginning to look a little bit pink.”

Mrs May insisted she remains certain Britain will leave the single market and customs union after Brexit.

She said: “I can happily say to my Honourable Friend that the principles on which this Government is negotiating was set out in the Lancaster House speech. They were set out in the Florence speech and those principles remain.”

Leaked papers revealed this week that “continued regulatory alignment” between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland was a proposal the British government was planning to put forward to the EU in order to solve the N.Ireland-Ireland border problem.

The DUP said they were not briefed about the papers and have rejected such proposal.

Speaking during urgent Brexit questions in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Does my right honourable friend share my sense of gratitude to our friends in the Democratic Unionist Party?

“Who have helped our Majesty’s Government stick to its own policy in these negotiations and is it not essential that the red lines on maintaining the United Kingdom and on regulatory divergence whence the benefits of leaving come are indelible red lines.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg warns EU Britain may BLOCK paying Brexit bill

Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned EU bosses that the UK has no ‘legal obligation’ to pay any kind of Brexit bill.

Speaking on TalkRADIO, Mr Rees-Mogg added MPs would not vote in favour of paying a divorce fee in the face of a ‘hard’ Brexit.

He said: “We have no legal obligation under international, EU or UK law to pay anything if we leave without a deal.

“That’s accepted and that was in the House of Lords report from March of this year.

“That’s a very strong negotiating position and our reason to pay is not because we are nice, charitable people, though we are.

“It is if there is a legal obligation or we get something in return. If we get nothing in return and there is no legal obligation, then there ought not to be any money and the Government will not have support across the country if it pays out vast sums of money for nothing.

“If the EU doesn’t want to take negotiations further, well we need to be making preparations for a no deal exit in which circumstance we don’t pay them tens of billions of pounds.”

“I think the Government has to face the reality that without a deal it cannot hand over any money. It would have no legal basis for doing so.

“It would need to get an Act of Parliament through to authorise it and I don’t think people would vote for such an Act of Parliament.”