Jacob Rees-Mogg dismantles John Major’s Pro-Brexit speech in just 60 SECONDS


Tory backbencher, Jacob Rees-Mogg, just dismantled John Major’s proBrexit speech live on BBC news labelling it “not-factually accurate”.

The beloved MP is a favourite among Breixteers and is set to be the next Conservative party leader.

Jacob Rees-Mogg claimed Mr Major was trying to ignore the will of the 17.4 million Britons who voted for Brexit during the 2016 European Union referendum.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “He makes this extraordinary claim the country is being led against its will in his speech. I’m going to find the exact quotation.

“He’s saying ‘the deep division in our nation are more likely to be healed by Brexit freely approved by Parliament than Brexit forced through Parliament on the behest of a minority of convinced opponents of Europe.’

“He’s calling 17.4 million people a ‘minority of convinced opponents’. 17.4 million is a very important number. We had a democratic vote, the decision was being taken and what he’s trying to do is overturn that. That’s the whole point of what he’s saying. His speech is riddled with errors, he’s saying things that are tendentious, bordering on the not-factually accurate.”

“I think we need to look at what he’s saying and what his motivation is. I looked back at his speech from 1992 – because bear in mind John Major, for all his protestations, has been a convinced pro-European for decades.

“What did he say? He said we must stay in the exchange rate mechanism because in his judgement – his very bad judgement as it happens – leaving it would be a ‘betrayal of our future at this moment and I tell you categorically that is not Government policy.’ In about ten days, we had left.

“He also said that he had already achieved far-reaching reform of the Common Agriculture Policy in 1992, so we have to look at the context of John Major’s speeches, the fact that he gets it wrong. he got it wrong in the past and he’s got it wrong again.”

Well said, Jacob!