Jacob Rees-Mogg just told the EU to GET STUFFED over their latest Brexit demand


The Brexiteer’s champion and Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has delivered a stunning message to Brussels after their latest demand that the European Court of Justice should be able to rule over the United Kingdom for the foreseeable future.

According to the Financial Times, he has made it clear that the Brussels Bigwigs are dreaming if they think that the United Kingdom is going to give in to such a ridiculous proposal.

Their article says:

“I think the EU is going to suggest some things that the British government will reject this week and this sounds like one of them…It would turn us from a vassal state into a convict state, sentenced to hard labour for our love of democracy.”

Too damn right.

Theresa May has already made it clear in her famous Lancaster House speech that one of the fundamentals of Brexit will be that the United Kingdom takes back full control of its own laws.

In other words, the European Court of Justice and every other EU-based mechanism will no longer have any jurisdiction of influence over the United Kingdom when we leave the bloc for good.

It is also reassuring to hear Rees-Mogg speaking out so passionately about this, as it shows that if our government did the unthinkable and agreed to anything of this nature, he would be willing to challenge it every step of the way.

In an ideal world, this would result in JRM walking into the top job in Number 10, and this sort of dedication to the Hard Brexit cause is the exact reason why so many of the bookmakers have him as their Number One Contender for the Prime Minister role.

This is what a Rees-Mogg Brexit looks like, and it’s EVERYTHING you wanted

More details about the Brexit demands of the European Research Group led by Jacob Rees-Mogg have now emerged, and the main points show that this group of influential backbencher Tories are calling for the exact same Brexit that is desired by millions of Brexiteers in the United Kingdom.

JRM has been writing in The Sun newspaper to make his group’s demands perfectly clear, and it makes uncomfortable reading for anyone who still believes that there will be any kind of soft Brexit.

There are six main demands:

We should be able to set tariffs
We should be able to make our own laws
We need to plan for global trading
We should start trade talks before we leave the EU
We should negotiate as an equal, not be cowed by EU rules
We can’t let Remainers use implementation period to delay Brexit

If you are anything like us, you let out a little ‘damn right!’ at the end of every one of those six points!

He says:

I JOINED a group of 62 Conservative MPs who wrote to the Prime Minister last week to show our support for her vision for Brexit.

Mrs May, like us, wishes to take back control of our borders, laws and money from the European Union.

The letter comes at a crucial time for the Brexit negotiations.

The talks are now moving on to discuss trade.

What type of trade deal we will have with the EU and, equally importantly, whether we retain the ability to strike our own trade deals with our friends in the rest of the world.

The Prime Minister’s vision for the UK as a global trading nation makes perfect sense. Conclude a high-quality trade deal with the EU while retaining the ability to conclude agreements with others. Our letter was well received, as letters of support generally are.

The letter was signed by a broad cross-section of Conservative MPs and led by my fellow Somerset MP John Penrose, a former minister who supported the Remain side in the referendum.

While 62 MPs signed the letter, the sentiments it espoused are nearly universal.

Indeed, in the past week I have been chided by a number of members for not giving them the opportunity to sign the letter as well.

Things have moved on. Conservatives, former Leavers and former Remainers respect the referendum result and are focusing on making Brexit the success it was always going to be.

The slightly worrying thing is that it has taken such an organised gathering of people to get these six key points out in the open – they all seem like ‘common sense’ from where we are sitting.

Not being ‘cowed’ by the EU in any way during the negotiations is at the heart of everything that we believe in regarding the Brexit process, and perhaps there are signs that things are improving in this department with government sources this week stating that Britain may withhold any sort of financial settlement funds if trade talks are not making satisfactory progress.