Jacob Rees-Mogg MOCKED Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons, and it was hilarious


The Conservative MP gave the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, a seeing to  yesterday in the House of Commons

Mr Rees-Mogg stood up and berated the Labour Party leader for taking too long with his speech.

He said: “The right honourable gentleman, the leader of the opposition said about 10 minutes ago ‘in conclusion’.

“I fear as time as passed he may be in danger of inadvertently having misled the House.

“I thought you might like to take this opportunity to set this right.”

The chamber exploded with laughter following the remark from Mr Rees-Mogg, before the Speaker was forced to try to bring order to the Commons.

John Bercow said: “Now some people may think that the honourable gentleman is fastidious and others may conclude that he is pedantic.

“You pay your money and you take your choice. But there is no disorder here.”

The Labour Party leader then responded to the remark from Mr Rees-Mogg.

Mr Corbyn replied: “Just for the record, I have given way six times in this debate and there are six days of debate, so you will have plenty of time to make your points in the debate.”

He said: “The referendum was quite clear about leaving the single market and quite clearly about stopping freedom of movement and quite clear about having control of our own laws.

“The ballot paper said leaving the European Union.

“Staying in the single market, staying in the customs union and abiding by EU law means you’re still in the European Union.”

Theresa May also hit back at the Labour leader for implying that they actually won the election.