Jeremy Corbyn BLAMES UK government policy for terrorist attacks


Mr Corbyn is planning to give a speech on Friday which will blame the UK government for causing terrorist attacks

Mr Corbyn blasted the government’s policy on their war on terror, accusing it of ‘not working’.

The Labour leader also accused foreign policy of inciting terror attacks.

Mr Corbyn said:

“The responsibility of government is to ensure… that our foreign policy reduces rather than increases the threat to this country… Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services, have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home.

That assessment in no way reduces the guilt of those who attack our children.

Those terrorists will forever be reviled and held to account for their actions.

But an informed understanding of the causes of terrorism is an essential part of an effective response that will protect the security of our people that fights rather than fuels terrorism.

We must be brave enough to admit the ‘war on terror’ is simply not working. We need a smarter way to reduce the threat from countries that nurture terrorists and generate terrorism.”

The Labour leader is clearly reluctant to blame these attacks on the radical Islamic ideology which the suicide bomber believed in, instead he blames the British government.

I’m not saying our foreign policy is the best in the world, far from it, but Mr Corbyn has to accept that Islam also plays its part in these attacks.

Sticking your head in the sand won’t stop terrorism Jeremy, nor will blaming your own people.

Mr Corbyn was one of the leading opponents of the Iraq war and since becoming Labour leader has attacked UK intervention in Syria and suggested during this election campaign that he would refuse a NATO request for more troops.