Jeremy Corbyn demands WITCH-HUNT against SAS troops


The Labour leader has called for the SAS to be investigated

The Labour leader said there is a risk the British armed forces’ reputation for decency and bravery will be undermined unless an investigation is launched into the allegations.

Senior military police and defence sources say there is “strong evidence” SAS personnel killed rather than captured unarmed Afghan civilians who were suspected of being Taliban insurgents during night raids on their homes.

According to the Sunday Times the allegations emerged in Operation Northmoor, a Royal Military Police (RMP) investigation.

Jeremy Corbyn has called on the Government to launch an independent inquiry amid fears the reputation of the British armed forces will be undermined.

He said: “The allegations of unlawful killings and war crimes in Afghanistan are extremely serious and must be fully investigated.

“Our armed forces have a reputation for decency and bravery. If we do not act on such shocking allegations we risk undermining that reputation, our security at home and the safety of those serving in the armed forces abroad.

“Our values and respect for the rule of law require full accountability. We owe it to our armed forces and the victims and their families to ensure that a thorough investigation takes place.

“There can be no question of a cover-up. The Government must now establish an independent inquiry into what has taken place.”

In recent years lawyers and the MOD have hounded down service personnel for their actions in war zones.

There are fears that the increasing pressure on our troops could lead to putting them in further danger when dealing with life threatening situations.

The vast majority of us, including those in government, know nothing of war, however, our boys on the ground do and we should take their mental situation into account.