Jeremy Corbyn issues immigration statement and people are NOT HAPPY


Since the UK has opened its doors to 700,000 immigrants each year (gross) we have experienced vast strain on the UKs infrastructure, housing, transport links and NHS. However, Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t see eye to eye with the rest of us

Speaking at the Labour Party conference in Brighton, Corbyn said: “A Brexit that uses powers returned from Brussels to support a new industrial strategy to upgrade our economy in every region and nation.

“One that puts our economy first not fake immigration targets that fan the flames of fear. We will never follow the Tories into the gutter of blaming migrants for the ills of society.

“It isn’t migrants who drive down wages and conditions but the worst bosses in collusion with a Conservative government that never misses a chance to attack trade unions and weaken people’s rights at work.”

Once again, Mr Corbyn is trying to score political points, but in reality, has his head in the sand.

Westmonster put it perfectly, they said:

“The mass influx of EU workers hasn’t driven down wages, Jezza? A fair few working class Brits might have something to say about that, including a lot of traditional Labour voters.

Targets to bring down migration considerably are supported by the majority of the public. Corbyn’s Labour seem to believe that mass migration should continue indefinitely.”

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