Jeremy Corbyn just attacked the government over Brexit and blasted DUP deal


The leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn has taken yet another swipe at Theresa May and the rest of the Conservative government on Twitter – this time it was a moan about the deal with the DUP and how it has affected the current situation.

He said:

The reason for today’s failure in the Brexit talks is the grubby deal the Tories did with the DUP after the election.

Each passing day provides further evidence that ’s Government is completely ill-equipped to negotiate a successful deal for our country.

As we are feeling charitable, we’ll overlook the wrongly capitalised ‘G’ of government – we’re not complete pedants after all and make our own fair share of typos on here.

However, what we cannot overlook is the background to this tweet.

First and foremost, the reason that the Conservative party was pushed into doing a deal with the DUP was that Corbyn and his minions couldn’t muster an outright in at the last general election.

The main reason for this is that there are still a number of people who support Labour but do not support Corbyn, even though he is the leader of the party that they all claim to support and want to get into power.

If I was a Labour supporter but not a fan of Corbyn, I would have bloody well put my personal pride aside to ‘get da torees out’ back in June 2017.

Unfortunately for the party, there were many people in this situation who just took their vote and perhaps pissed away their party’s best chance of regaining control of Westminster in recent history.

We should celebrate. While Labour is in this ridiculous ‘two Labours’ setup they don’t have a cat in hell’s chance of ever making it over the finish line.

Theresa May MOCKS Corbyn over Sadiq Khan during Prime Ministers Questions

Theresa May mocked Jeremy Corbyn during Prime MInisters questions this afternoon, having to remind the leader of the opposition the Sadiq Khan is a labour politician.

Mr Corbyn said: “I have been following some of the tweets from some of her friends on her front bench over there. And one of them says and I quote ‘very disappointed and mystified at the closure of Uxbridge police station.’

“For the want of any doubt, that came from the Foreign Secretary.

“The real reason Mr Speaker is that it is closing because of a £2.3billion cut from our police budgets in the past budget.

“And it gets worse, they are going to be cut by another £700million by 2020.”

Mrs May was quick to respond, saying: “First of all on the first question that the right honourable gentleman raised, the first issue, he might not have noticed but the police and crime commissioner in London is the Mayor.”

“Is he one of ours? Or is he one of yours?”

She said: “The last time I looked, Sadiq Khan, was a Labour Mayor of London.

“Although, perhaps the leader of the Labour Party things he is not Labour enough for him and his band of Labour.

“Let’s be very clear about funding for the Metropolitan police, there’s more money and more officers for each Londoner than anywhere else in the country, that is the reality about funding for the Metropolitan police.”