Jeremy Kyle DESTROYED on Facebook after making anti-Brexit comments


The TV host Jeremy Kyle has been destroyed on Facebook today after making a number of negative comments about Brexit.

While appearing as a guest host on Good Morning Britain on ITV on Monday morning, he started off by calling the whole thing a ‘shambles’ and then went on a remarkable rant, saying that Leave voters didn’t understand what they were voting for.

You can refresh your memory by watching the clip below.

Predictably, there was a great deal of anger on Facebook, and these are some of the best comments!

Very true! Given the gutter-like nature of his show, why the hell should any of us listen to him when he decides to get all high and mighty about political issues?

Again someone is making the point that the vast majority of Leave voters were sensible enough to take the referendum decision based upon a mixture of gut feeling, personal opinion and an understanding of the core issues.

We get what Terry is saying. The finger of blame could be applied to any election in the modern political era!

It cannot be denied that Jeremy Kyle makes a living out of exploiting the lives of some of the most unfortunate people in Britain, if indeed they are all genuine guests.

Glynis has every right to be upset as yet again the decent, hardworking people who voted for Brexit are being treated like the people who Kyle gets paid vast sums of money to scream at.

There were many, many more comments that we are unable to print, but the message coming through loud and clear is that people are angry at Kyle.

Not only for the nature of his comments, but also because it is yet another case where a wealthy TV celebrity is talking down to Leave voters from their ivory tower!