Journalist questions if a ‘Bad Winter’ will kill older leave voters and if grandchildren will ‘Spit on Their Graves’


The New European journalist, Mike Hind, questioned how many Brexit voters have died since the referendum and how much more will if there’s a ‘bad winter’.

“Wondering how many Brexit voters are no longer with us. And what a bad winter might mean for the wall of gammon.” said Mr Hind.

Hind posted an even more inflammatory message: “Tick tock tick tock… (#wallofgammon counting down toward the days their grandchildren will spit on their graves for disrespecting the people who fought & died to create the freedoms they voted away.)”

Breitbart London summed up the worst part of Mr Hinds comments particularly well:

“The timing of Hind’s comments about the young spitting on the graves of the old, on the weekend of Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday, was particularly crass, with Brexit supporters such as Second World War veteran Geoffrey Pattison (pictured) normally being accorded the respect which is due to them at this time of year.”

Mr Hind runs a PR, digital and social marketing company named ‘Mike Hind Ltd’.

According to his Facebook page, Mr Hind described himself and business:

“I’m a journalist and a storyteller, but not just a writer.

Using extensive newspaper and broadcast media experience – together with a strongly creative communications ethos – I bring business stories to life across analogue, digital and social media.

You can call what I do PR, content marketing, SEO, brand-building or marketing communications, because those terms are now synonymous.”

What do you think of Mr Hinds disgusting comments?

A Remoaner received a brutal slap down from a BBC host for implying that being Anti-Brexit is ‘patriotic’

For the first time ever, I can honestly say that this BBC host did a good job calling out the remoaner.

BBC Newsnight host Barnett launched a scathing attack as she questioned his comments.

Reading a quote from Mr Coyle, Barnett said: “Did you, or did you not, tweet that ‘anti-Brexit are the real patriots’?”

Mr Coyle responded: “Absolutely.”

Barnett continued: “It’s hardly patriotic if you want a load of people who aren’t from this country to stay here and take jobs away from people who are British and born here, is it?

“There are a finite amount of jobs, aren’t there?”

The Labour MP added: “If you look at the Food and Drink Federation report, a third of their members are worried about having to close as a result of not having British workers to fill those jobs.”

Mr Coyle concluded: “The reason I made that tweet about being a patriot because I am proud that people want to come to our country to live, to study, to work, to contribute.

“I’m proud to the contribution they’ve made to my constituency and to our country. I think we should be very worried about the people who are leaving and the message they’re sending and the jobs they’re taking out of our country because that’s the other side of this.

“To think these are people who are leaving jobs that are going to be filled British people is a mistake.

“Some of them are taking jobs that will simply not be replaced in this country.”

You can tell that the remoaner was not expecting such a brutal slap down coming his way!