Judges may REVERSE policy allowing EU rough sleepers to be deported


The number of people who sleep rough in London has decreased by 4% between April and June this year due to a new government scheme.

Immigrants from the European Union who are unable to sustain themselves in the UK will be deported.

Over 1,000 Romanians and Poles in the past year, with some 200 leaving voluntarily and the rest removed by immigration officers.

However, Paul Heron, of Lambeth Law Centre, which is bringing next month’s legal challenge, said the policy was wrong in principle. ‘[I represent] a man from Bulgaria who came here two years ago, and even paid his TV licence,’ he told The Sunday Times.

‘He lost his accommodation, was sleeping in a van for two weeks and was due to see a room the next day when he was hauled out by Home Office officials. Because of the detention he lost his warehouse job.’

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘No one should come to the UK with the intention of sleeping rough and we will consider carefully the immigration status of those who are encountered doing so.’

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