Julia Hartley-Brewer just SLAMMED every single Remoaner who is excited about a ‘second referendum’


The political commentator Julia Hartley-Brewer is fast becoming one of the most influential political voices on twitter, and a number of her posts in recent history have been absolutely bang on the money – her latest offering is no exception!

After Nigel Farage made comments to suggest that he would consider another referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union in order to ‘put the issue to bed once and for all,’ she took to the social media network to offer her own interpretation of what the voting slip should look like.

What she is saying here is that one way or another, our exit from the European Union is happening, and that we can either do it ‘the easy way’ or ‘the hard way.’

Having said this, it isn’t really clear which is which, and everyone that you speak to will have a different opinion on the matter!

She has managed to capture the mood of everyone who is concerned about Nigel seemingly ‘backtracking’ somehow on his sentiments before the original referendum, but you have to ask yourself one simple question – would Nigel really risk it all unless he knows exactly what he is doing?

More to the point, surely the chances of our government calling for the repeat vote are slim, given that there would be scope for widespread civil unrest about democracy seemingly being ignored.

Bear in mind that the 52:48 result from the June 2016 vote showed a majority, and anyone who believes that it was a ‘slim’ one would do well to remember that this majority was made up of more than one million votes.

Julia Hartley-Brewer just DESTROYED millions of Corbyn supporters with one tweet

The radio broadcaster Julia-Hartley Brewer has managed to destroy millions of Jeremy Corbyn supporters with one simple tweet.

Responding to the current furore over Toby Young and his decision to resign from his university regulator position, Hartley-Brewer made a very pertinent point about the people who are ‘screaming blue murder’ about Young’s past track record while being completely blinkered about their idol, the Labour leader.

Just to put this all into perspective as well, we have ‘sexist, misogynist attitudes’ in the blue corner, and ‘supporting known terrorists’ in the other – gee, that’s a close contest.

While it is also clear that there are many people who are against both Corbyn and Young, the fact that JHB is picking up on here is that there is a MASSIVE amount of hypocrisy at the heart of this liberal, lefty outcry towards Young.

After all, we cannot just pick and choose what we are outraged by – well actually you can, and that is half the problem with society at the moment.

Find me one person who is currently wailing about Young’s past work, and I can personally guarantee that they will also openly support someone (Corbyn or otherwise) who is clearly no angel with their own skeletons in the closet.

Predictably, she has copped a tremendous backlash on Twitter as a result of this comment, but then again we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Anyone who tries to ‘say things exactly how they are’ these days tends to get a ‘left-wing ass whooping,’ and the really funny thing here is that every negative reply and retweet simply pushes Hartley-Brewer’s message further up the Twitter rankings.

Social media networks have complex algorithms at their very core that detect emotive, engagement-friendly content, and this means that tweets like this one get big exposure.

This is turn shows her comment to even more people, who get even more angry, and so it goes.

Therefore, JHB supporters simply also need to retweet her content, sit back, and wait for the fireworks!

YOU LYING WEASEL! – Watch Nigel Farage DESTROY Remoaner Lord Adonis on live TV

In a fiery exchange on ITV on Monday morning, the ex-leader of UKIP and engineer of Brexit Nigel Farage has accused the Remoaner Lord Adonis of being ‘a lying weasel’ … directly to his face on camera!

Farage was talking from Brussels where he is due to meet Michel Barnier for talks, and in his astonishing rant he continued to say that there should indeed be another referendum … except the topic should be all abolishing the unelected House of Lords that is full to the brim of elitist relics who want to stop Brexit.

We have to applaud his sentiments once again – Nigel has summed up what millions of people have been thinking ever since Lord Adonis threw a massive tantrum and resigned from his government position over his dissatisfaction with Brexit.

We sincerely hope that Theresa May told him to watch out for the door hitting him on the a*se on the way out!

Naturally, the comments underneath the video were equally brutal.

We are now seeing statistic after statistic to prove that Project Fear was actually Project B*llocks, and the crazy thing is that they are still banging on with the same tired old clichés about how Brexit Britain is going to hell in a handcart! The game’s up – deal with it.

It’s amazing how so many members of the House of Lords support the Brussels club that financially get up to the same shenanigans on a personal level.

Because ‘the will of the people’ was the wrong outcome. The thing about democracy is that you can’t just pick and choose to suit your own preferences and interests – you have to accept the result come what may or you risk devaluing the whole system. How many referendums have the EU ignored in their chequered history?

Brexit is allowing the people of the United Kingdom to unchain themselves from one out of date institution, so surely this could provide the momentum to push for a similar outcome for the House of Lords. There is definitely a public hunger for this, and this whole saga has proved that when given a voice on huge issue the people can be trusted to make the right decision.

This is a very good question! The whole fiasco over the Article 50 debate proved that while peers can kick up a stink as much as they like, the outcome will always be that the House of Commons has overall control to get the job done.