Kate Hoey blasted anti-Brexit officials urging them to ‘work for the EU instead’


Labour MP, Kate Hoey slammed the official who leaked a paper, urging them to go and work for the EU instead.

Ms Hoey said: “I wonder if the Minister thinks that perhaps the person who leaked this within the Whitehall establishment would be better off moving and working in Brussels?”

“The methodology that was used for this report, or whatever it is, was it the same methodology that said if we didn’t join the Euro, the country would tank in terms of its financial future?”

Steve Baker Secretary responded: “She’s absolutely right, in the past, economic predictions have been very poor and poor for good reasons which I’d love to elaborate on, on another occasion.”

“We should have, as I said earlier on, a healthy scepticism.”

Kate Hoey lambastes Tory Remainer LIVE on Sky News

Brexiteer shut down Remainer Vicky Ford saying her hopes on the final Parliamentary vote on Brexit are an attempt to withdraw Article 50.

Vicky Ford said: “Article 50 sets outs very clearly we can only leave with the unanimous consent of the UK.”

Ms Ford said they would have to make “a very clear decision, where they have triggered Article 50, on whether or not they’ll use the extent of Article 50.”

Ms Hoey replied: “What this is really about is trying to get away from triggering Article 50 and withdrawing Article 50.

“Maybe not for you Vicky, but that will certainly be behind the thoughts of some people.”

Remainers still can not accept that we are leaving.

All that want for Christmas is EU.

That’s not going to happen, unfortunately.