Keep MEP’s expenses secret ‘to stop public outrage’ EU officials beg


An EU lawyer has called for MEP’s expenses to be kept ‘secret’ to stop ‘public outrage’.

The lawyer said: “If everything was visible it would impose a big pressure on MEPs and they wouldn’t be able to do their job properly.”

She added that MEPs would be unable to exercise their “free mandate” if “everything was under discussion by journalists in a time where everything is discussed on Twitter”.

“MEPs need to be given a space to think.”

I don’t know about you, but seeing as we pay for the MEPs salaries and vote for them, I would like to see what expenses they are claiming!

So what if it’s ‘big pressure’ on the MEPs, that isn’t my problem.

Last year around £400 million (€450 million) was spent on MEP’s salaries, travel and office costs.

Matt Frei wasted no time to grill this MEP over their huge expenses allowance.

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