Ken Clarke BRUTALLY slapped down by Brexiteer in FIERY debate


Ken Clarke and Peter Bone clashed on Newsnight this week over Brexit.

Conservative MP, Peter Bone, hit out at Ken Clarke while on Newsnight, he said: “On immigration, obviously this is Project Fear mark two. We had Project Fear before the referendum, the British public listened to all the arguments, listened to the economic arguments and they decided to vote to leave.

“We’re going to have a fairer immigration system and the same rules and regulations across the whole world. We are not going to discriminate in favour of the European Union.

“And if we are going to talk about experts, why don’t we talk about Professor Minford who says we are going to be vastly better off and he has been proved more right than the Treasury.”

To which the passionate pro-EU supporter and former Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke interrupted: “No he hasn’t.”

“You know, the Treasury got it totally wrong before – was that a political thing or did they just get it wrong?”

Mr Clarke hit back saying: “Patrick Minford is the only economist I know who says we should open out tariffs to everybody and somehow it will all be OK.”

Mr Bone interrupted saying: “But he said there would not be a disaster after the referendum, there wasn’t and that is a fact Ken!”

Mr Clarke went on to continue:

“There is no doubt that large sections of the population are poorer now than they would have been if we voted to remain.

“It set off a devaluation because it damaged confidence in British sterling assets, that caused inflation and the real wages of many people are not keeping up with this inflation.”

BBC host SNAPS at Remainer Anna Soubry and ignites a fuming Brexit tirade LIVE on air

Remoaner Anna Soubry lost her temper on BBC 5 live when BBC host, Ms Barnett, read out a text from a listener who called for Theresa May to go and stop surrounding herself with ‘remoaners’.

Ms Barnett saying: “We’ve got a message from Martin. Anna Soubry is slagging off Boris. Quelle surprise.

“Priti Patel is doing a fine job. It used to be called initiative. May has now surrounded herself with Remoaners. All the major offices have said…”

Remoaner Anna Soubry interrupted the BBC host and said: “Oh for god’s sake. Do you know what? I’m fed up with this.”

Ms Barnett quickly snapped: “Let me just finish Martin’s text – for whom Boris, Remoaner sharks are circling. She has to go, Theresa May.”

The text message sparked a furious reaction from Ms Soubry who said it was a load of “tish and tosh” as she launched a brutal attack on Brexiteers.

She said: “I am frankly getting tired of a very small number of hardline Brexiteers who think its acceptable to insult people. To threaten people, effectively.

“To call people like me traitors. I’ve had enough of it.

“I have accepted we are leaving the European Union. Even Ken Clarke has accepted we are leaving the European Union.

“We want the best deal and we want a consensus bringing people back together. Putting the economy at the heart of it. And stopping all of this rather silly rhetoric about Remoaners and its all a plot.”

I am so pleased to hear that this Conservative remoaner actually got the chance to hear what the average Berexiteer thinks.

Another absolute gem was when LBC host, Nick Ferrari, blasted remoaners for not waking up to the reality of the European Union.