Labour bans ‘white men’ from conference, and the reason why is disgusting


Labour is banning ‘straight white males’ from attending their ‘Young Labour’ conference in March.

The event titled ‘Young Labour Equalities Conference’ is only open to people under the age of 27 who are or ‘self-define’ to be ‘women, LGBT+, BAME (Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic) or disabled’.

The main purpose of the event was to elect members to its national committee while giving people space to discuss the “obstacles” they faced.

It’s extremely ironic that this is an equalities conference, yet they ban a specific race and gender of people from attending?

That’s disgusting if you ask me.

Could you imagine the uproar if the Conservatives banned Muslims or people of an ethnic minority from their conference in the name of ‘equality’? The left would be up in arms!

Yet when they are blatantly racist and discriminate on someone gender it’s ok?

A Labour spokesman said there was “nothing new about spaces for people with protected characteristics meeting to discuss the inequalities and obstacles they face”.

“The purpose of this conference is to ensure that members from disadvantaged groups are able to elect representatives to Young Labour’s National Committee. All other positions on the committee are elected online, via a ‘one member one vote’ system.”

Raheem Kassam hit out at Labour on Facebook, he said: ”

Fresh off trying to make white people pay extra to attend a Corbyn rally in Loughborough, The Labour Party are now banning straight white men from events altogether.

If you are one and you’re still voting for them, why?”

What do you think of this?

British police force to Ban White Men from Recruitment Workshops Through ‘Positive Discrimination’

The British Transport Police are disadvantaging white, male applicants by excluding them from recruitment workshops

A would-be officer was turned away as “women and black or ethnic minority” candidates only, reports The Metro.

He said: “I am a white heterosexual male and also a member of the armed forces, how can a public service blatantly support this kind of discrimination and inequality in 2017?” he told the newspaper.

“I am going to withdraw my application due to having been treated in such a manner.”

Breitbart reported:

“Metro’s correspondent Harley Tamplin seemed incredulous that the veteran was upset at being discriminated against on the basis of his race and sex, describing him as having criticised the police force “for wanting to employ more women and people from ethnic minorities — yes, seriously”.”

Provisions in the Equality Act 2010 provide a number of ways around discriminating against people based on their gender, age or race.

What do you think?

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