Labour heartland ditches Corbyn and backs May over Brexit


It’s been revealed that voters in Wales are flocking to the Conservatives in droves in an attempt to push through a hard Brexit and keep Jeremy Corbyn out of number 10

Traditional Labour heartlands are switching their allegiance to the Conservative party after 100 years of safe victories.

Gower, the most marginal constituency in the country currently has a Conservative majority of just 27 seats. However, this is expected to increase dramatically.

Laura McAllister, a professor at Cardiff University, said Gower will likely stay in the hands of the Conservatives.

Welsh voters spoke to BBC reporter, Carolyn Quinn, about the upcoming general election.

John Francis, a member of Navy, was a life-long Labour voter until Brexit and Theresa May came along.

He told the BBC: “I will go Conservative because of Theresa May – Genghis Khan in Number 10.

“We will need her when the negotiations start and she will give them the shock of their lives.

“When the EU blokes come to the table she will tear them to shreds.”

One local told Quinn: “I will vote Tory because of Brexit really.”

Another said: “Everyone I speak to, we are changing to Tories just because of Corbyn and the EU.”

Mrs McAllister added: “It’s not really Tory versus Labour, but Corbyn versus May here – and May wins.”

The consensus in Wales and I hope elsewhere in the United Kingdom is that Mrs Mays Conservative party is attracting man traditional Labour voters in order to secure a promising Brexit deal.

The majority of voters in Wales voted to leave the European Union last year.