Labour MP DESTROYED by BBC host over Customs Union clarity with BRILLIANT rebuttal


Hiliary Benn was put in his place as BBC host slammed his party over the Customs Union issue.

BBC host Sarah Montague said: “We know that in Sweden and Norway there are borders where there are arrangements.

“We know the papers published in August by the Government set out possible ways of doing things.”

Labour MP, Mr Benn, who chairs the Brexit Select Committee in the House of Commons, responded: “Those papers have convinced nobody, least of all the Government of the Republic of Ireland and this matters enormously because this year is the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

“It has brought peace and stability and normality to Northern Ireland, so maintaining that open bored is not just about trade it’s also about the peace process.”

The MP was asked: “Are you also critical of Labour because it’s position is no clearer (on the Customs Union issue).

Hiliary Benn continued: “My own view is that we should stay, in the Customs Union, with the European Union. I hope that the Font bench position will move from syaing we are leaving all options on the table to actually saying we should stay in the Customs Union with the European Union because that would help with the questions of tarrifs and help deal with the problem in Northern Ireland.

The BBC host resaponded brilliantly saying: “But my question was actually about the clarity and in a way the discussion we are having now shows that there isn’t clarity form Labour on this either. That it’s officially out of the Customs Union but Jeremy Corbyn has suggested it could remain in.”

Question Time audience react in spectacular fashion as Labour MP claims ‘Corbyn will be GREATEST PM country has ever seen’

Question Time audience booed and jeered following the pathetic claim by a Labour MP.

An audience member asked Labour MP, Mr Williamson: “I’d like to ask the Labour MP if your Party is so big, it’s so powerful and coming forward then how come the best you can offer is Jeremy Corbyn?”

To which the audience cheered and gave a rapturous applause.

Mr Williamson blustered: “In my, in my, in my humble opinion Jeremy Corbyn is the best leader the Labour Party has ever produced and will be the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever seen.”

The audience responded with a few cheers but mainly boos aimed towards the Labour MP.

The Labour MP continued: “Because he will have the reform agenda that will make this country work for ordinary people, eradicate poverty, an economy that actually gives people a stake in society and a decent future, decent pensions, decent public services – what is there not to like about that?”

The audience member who originally asked the first question hit back saying: “I can remember what it was like when the Labour Party left office in 2010.

“Debt, bills not paid and notes to say ‘good luck Conservatives, there’s no money left’.

“I’m old enough to remember what it was like when the public utilities in the 70s were publicly owned and there was strike after strike.

“And intercity, you want to talk about trains? You’ve got a short memory sir, you’ve got a short memory.”