Labour MP reports Leave.EU for ‘hate speech’ and the reasons why is unbelievable


Senior Labour MP, David Lammy, has reported Leave.EU for hate speech after suggesting Jeremy Corbyn is turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism in order to appease Muslim voters.

A tweet posted by Leave.EU, an organisation set up to promote Breixt, posted a tweet which implied that the leader of the labour party, Mr Corbyn is ignoring anti-Semitism in his party in order to appeal to the Muslim community.

The tweet states: “Is it any wonder that Labour can’t be bothered to deal with the disgusting antisemitism in their party when they are so reliant on the votes of Britain’s exploding Muslim population? It’s a question of maths for these people, not justice!”

Labour MP, David Lammy was quick to report this as a ‘Hate crime’.

he said: “Hello I would like to report this crime. Please investigate. This tweet is a crime under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006: “Use of threatening words or behaviour, or any written material which is threatening or intends thereby to stir up religious hatred.”

The Met police responded saying:

“If you would like to record an allegation of crime, pls DM us via the link below. This would then be passed on for an officer to look into. Thanks”

It is shocking that you can get reported and potentially charged for ‘hate-crime’ just for implying that a political party is ignoring an issue to appeal to more voters.

The world really has gone mad! Or is it just David Lammy who has gone mad?

I’ll probably be reported for a hate crime just for writing that.

Sorry, Mr Lammy. I will be quiet and no longer offend. Please don’t send me to jail…