Labour set to BAN ‘WHITE’ candidates from standing in elections


Labour is set to ban white candidates and allow for ‘all-BAME shortlists’.

‘BAME’ stands for British. Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (anyone who is not white). In a write up by Alice Perry, which can be seen here, it states that Labour is considering changing legislation to allow for ‘all-BAME’ shortlists, which effectively means (whites not allowed).

The ironic thing is that this is would be done in the name of diversity, seeing as the paper is called “How to improve diversity in local government“.

The exact quote from the paper is as follows: “Amend the all-women shortlist legislation to allow for AWS selections for directly elected mayoral posts. Labour is also considering whether it should also amend this legislation to allow for all-BAME shortlists.”

If Labour does go ahead with this, it is set to cause massive controversy. Diversity is about integration, everyone being equal and a mixture of a wide array of people from all backgrounds.

Labour sees it as excluding people based on their skin colour.

Twitter users were less than impressed with Labour:

This is not the first time Labour has attempted to ban white people from certain events.

Labour defends banning white men from conference, backfires massively

Labour is banning ‘straight white males’ from attending their ‘Young Labour’ conference in March.

The event titled ‘Young Labour Equalities Conference’ is only open to people under the age of 27 who are or ‘self-define’ to be ‘women, LGBT+, BAME (Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic) or disabled’.

A Labour spokesman said there was “nothing new about spaces for people with protected characteristics meeting to discuss the inequalities and obstacles they face”.

“The purpose of this conference is to ensure that members from disadvantaged groups are able to elect representatives to Young Labour’s National Committee. All other positions on the committee are elected online, via a ‘one member one vote’ system.”

However, the statement/justification by the Labour spokesman didn’t seem to work.

Twitter users reacted with outrage at the racist ban.

What do you think about the ban?