Laughable STOP BREXIT RALLY taking place in Manchester today


A laughable Stop Brexit Rally is taking place in Manchester today to coincide with the Conservative party conference, with a number of famous figures from politics and entertainment labouring under the misapprehension that those Tories attending will actually pay the blindest bit of notice.

Fortunately most sensible people will see right through it as yet another mass gathering of people who are unwilling to accept that Brexit is the will of the people – it is not something that can legally be stopped, no matter what the almighty Lord Cable will tell you.

Speaking of Sir Vinny C, he is attending as well, making the Liberal Democrats become even more of a laughing stock than before, so that’s probably a positive.

The whole line-up really does read like a who’s who of ‘who?’ – we like the ‘and more?’ part as well.

It’s like the poster is saying ‘hopefully more people will turn up so we don’t look like a bunch of wallies.’

We have a solution for them anyway if they are really worried about the concepts of our EU membership and democracy in general.

Why don’t we have some sort of vote organised on a national scale where every eligible voter can have their say about whether or not they feel that the United Kingdom should remain as a member of the European Union?

We could have high-profile figures from both sides of the argument take part in respective campaigns to get their points across.


There could even be leaflets and political broadcasts designed to help people make their minds up.

If we’re REALLY lucky, there may even be some sort of stand-off on the River Thames between Sir Bob Whatsit and Nigel Farage.

Oh hold on a minute – what do you mean this has already happened, making any further vote utterly pointless?

Let us know what you think at – we are always interested to hear your views and you may even get featured in your own blog post, whether or not you are passionate about Brexit.