Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen DESTROYED after saying: ‘It’s RACIST to say you are English’


We reported yesterday that the TV ‘personality’ Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen declared that it is RACIST to say that you are English, and predictably there has been a massive backlash on social media with people destroying him for making this ridiculous statement.

And with good reason! People who consider themselves ‘English’ are sick and tired of people making the link between ‘English’ and ‘Racist’ – they are fed up with people talking down to them because they prefer the term to ‘British.’

Everyone has the right to choose after all! Isn’t that what it’s all about these days? Choice?

Anyway, here are some of the best comments that we have read on Facebook. To be honest, we had to leave most of them out as they got a little bit ‘fruity,’ but take a few minutes to look around some Facebook groups and you will see them for yourself!

He’s brainwashed! Not that there is much between his ears to ‘wash’ anyway.

We agree that this was a pretty idiotic comment to make. It’s fine for him to come out and say that he is ‘Welsh and proud of it,’ so why on Earth can’t English people be afforded the same right?

Probably trying to get back in the newspapers. That is all.

There’s probably some truth to this – after all there was a time when he was all over TV and the media because of some home improvement show or something.

Unfortunately, there is a growing trend for celebrities of yesteryear to try and salvage their public profile by saying something that will deliberately upset people for the sake of getting a few minutes of exposure.


This guy is deliberately trying to stir up hatred and tension. He should be arrested!

While getting him ‘arrested’ may be one step too far, we should take a step back for a moment and look at this comment a bit further.

A vast number of people in England would consider themselves to be English, so why should someone with a media voice be allowed to get away with branding them ‘racist’ in this manner.

There are laws against stirring up hatred in so many other forms, and it is likely that Bowen’s opinions are going to upset a lot of people. Just a thought …

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