Leaked document reveals Brussels plan to PUNISH BRITAIN with Brexit deal


A leaked document from the heart of the European Union in Brussels has revealed that a plan has been hatched to PUNISH the United Kingdom in the final Brexit deal by restricting the UK’s access to the Single Market and imposing significant trade tariffs during any kind of so-called transition period.

If course all of this underhand behaviour could be avoided by just walking away and telling Brussels where to shove their deal!

The report on Sky News says:

According to the Reuters news agency, the “punishment” plan is contained in a footnote of the legal text prepared by the European Commission on the two-year transition period after Brexit.

It proposes restrictions on single market benefits as a remedy if the Commission determines it would take too long to take Britain to the EU’s court to settle a dispute.

“The Governance and Dispute Settlement Part of the Withdrawal Agreement should provide for a mechanism allowing the Union to suspend certain benefits deriving for the UK from participation in the internal market where it considers that referring the matter to Court of Justice of the EU would not bring in appropriate time the necessary remedies,” the footnote says.

The draft legal text, which has yet to be approved by EU governments, will be part of the withdrawal treaty that will regulate the terms of divorce between Britain and the EU and the rules for the transition period after Brexit.

The text reiterates that from March 30 2019 to December 31 2020, Britain would be fully bound by all EU laws but will no longer be part of the decision-making process of the EU.

From March 30 2019, the UK Parliament will no longer be considered a “national parliament” under EU law, nor will the Bank of England be part of the European system of central banks.

It also says UK officials may, on a case-by-case basis, be invited to attend meetings in the European Parliament, European Commission or the Council of EU ministers when a British presence is necessary and in the interest of the EU, such as in the case of agreeing fishing quotas.

Britain will be able to negotiate new trade deals with other countries, but cannot put them into effect during the transition period unless authorised by the EU.

In other words, all that the EU bigwigs want to do is drag out the Brexit process in the hope that we enter the transition period, see how bad it is and then go back ‘cap in hand’ to try and regain membership.

If this short petty, revenge-filled behaviour isn’t enough proof that we need to call their bluff and threaten to walk away on an official level, then we don’t know what is!

How will the other remaining member states feel about such punitive measures if this plan comes into action?

Although the EU’s leadership will hope that such aggression acts as a deterrent, surely other EU-sceptic European leaders will see that the bloc is entering ‘desperation mode,’ giving them the encouragement to try and push for an exit of their very own.

If the leader’s of EU nations don’t use this as a catalyst for change, you can bet that their opponents will!