Leave.EU DESTROYS Chief EU Negotiator Barnier with one devastating comment


The Chief Brexit Negotiator of the European Union Michel Barnier visited Downing Street on Monday for talks with David Davies and Theresa May, and before his visit he made it clear that it was time for the whole negotiation process to be ‘accelerated’ as time is running out.

Although this sounded reasonably positive at the time, he then arrived in London and became more aggressive in tone by making the point:

‘Without the Customs Union and outside the Single Market, barriers to trade are unavoidable. The time has come to make a choice.’

Predictably, but still emphatically, the guys over at Leave.EU’s Facebook page replied with one extremely pertinent point:

‘We already have, Barney. On 23rd June 2016.’

You can watch the clip below:

Regardless of what the ‘people didn’t know what they were voting for’ brigade may say, the majority of Brexit voters entered the referendum polling booths with both eyes open.

Official, whinging government literature beforehand made it perfectly clear that leaving the European Union would mean leaving all of the mechanisms inside it – this includes the Customs Union, the Single Market, the subsidised waffle stand next to the photocopier in Strasbourg, everything!

This was the ‘Project Fear’ stick that was used to try and beat the British people into submission, and now it has well and truly come back to bite the Remainers in the behind.

As Leave voters, we have made a simple but emphatic choice, and if anything this sort of outburst by Barnier will actually increase the chances of a ‘no deal’ outcome.

Speaking from a democratic point of view, if the EU offers a deal that doesn’t entail the hard Brexit that people voted for, there is every reason to go the other way.

It just depends how you interpret the concept of ‘the will of the people,’ because at the present time there are many in actual positions of power who seems to have their heads in the sand.